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Chances are at some point you have seen, used or purchased a product that was produced with one of our molds or die cast dies.  Be it a motorcycle seat, a cap on a bottle, a napkin holder at a fast food restaurant, a mop bucket or a fishing lure, to name a few.  We know the detail and quality your product demands and we're with you every step of the way.

Wirth Tool & Die was started in 1966 by Thomas Wirth.  Two of Tom's sons, Randy and Brad, began working for their father over 30 years ago.  When Tom retired in 1994, they carried on the business.  Randy Wirth, the President. does the quoting and has formed many great relationships with his customers.  Brad Wirth, the Vice President, oversees the daily operations of the shop.

The Wirth brothers have weathered many rough times through the years with slow downs in industry and business being taken overseas.  They have persevered and have put in much of their own time in doing so.  They do not cut corners on quality as these products bear their name.

Wirth Tool & Die is blessed in having employees that are skilled, bright and dedicated to producing quality work.  Engineering, complete design and programming from part to product are all in-house capabilities.

Visit our quote page or give us a call (262-251-8630) and find out why:

                    YOUR name is as IMPORTANT to us, as ours is.